Who are we?

At Totaltekst we have a variety of backgrounds and experience, but the one thing we have in common is our passion for text. Text that’s correct, text that’s funny, text that’s translated, text that’s creative, text that’s formal. But above all, text that’s good.

We’re fortunate enough to work with some of the foremost copywriters in Norway’s advertising industry. We have skilled language consultants, all of whom are recommended by the Language Council of Norway. We have technical translators and state-authorised translators based across most of Europe.

What we do

At Totaltekst we help our clients to communicate with other people.

We take things personally

Text is personal. And although it sounds banal when we say that we help our clients to communicate with other people, this is actually the very essence of everything we do. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a website, a brochure, or a user manual – the purpose is always to communicate with fellow human beings. Reaching out to a person requires much more than information. It requires communication.

Nothing communicates better than good text. Nice pictures are all very well and good when drawing attention to your business and giving it a visual presence, while technology can help convey the communication to those you want to reach, but it’s the text itself that creates knowledge and understanding. It’s the text that sells. All the marketing techniques and pretty pictures in the world are pointless if the text is boring, uninspiring, and full of mistakes.


Anyone can claim to provide the best quality in the industry. But we can go one step further and document how we achieve this:
  • Our language consultants are recommended by the Language Council of Norway.
  • Our translators are technical translators or state-authorised translators.
  • Our translators translate into their mother tongue.

Text that works

Since social media took over everything and Google became something of a distant memory, writing text has often been reduced to an exercise in keywords and other SEO measures. SEO is all well and good, of course, and it’s important to bear in mind. But as algorithms and users become smarter, technical expertise on its own is no longer enough. You have to be good when it comes to content, too. This is what pushes you up in the search results and increases the chances of people actually enjoying the communication they receive from you. In other words: Those who have relevant and well-written content have a greater chance of being seen, liked, remembered, and shared.

Our attitude

The most important thing you get when choosing Totaltekst is our attitude. And our attitude is quite simple: We will never deliver a bad text.

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