Confidentiality guidelines

Below is a detailed description of our policies for how we treat confidential information.

Who has access to the information?

Who can access the documents you send us depends on what kind of assignment it is. A translation will typically involve a project manager, a translator, and a proofreader. Copywriting usually involves a project manager, one or more copywriters, and a proofreader. The rule of thumb is that only those who need to have access to your documents to complete their work are the ones who get access.

What happens to the information once the assignment is complete?

We store all information for two years. At the request of the client, we’ll delete all information as soon as the delivery has been approved.

How do you store files?

All files are stored on an encrypted file server.

Handling of stock-market-sensitive information (inside information)

Stock-market-sensitive information is handled exactly the same as other confidential information. Upon request we will provide a list of all those who have had access to the information.

Confidentiality agreements

Everyone working for Totaltekst AS, including subcontractors (freelancers), have signed a confidentiality agreement. This agreement governs how confidential information is to be handled and states that it is forbidden to share confidential information with any third party.

Conflicts of interest

When you become our client, we’ll check whether there are any conflicts of interest - such as one of our existing clients being one of your competitors. In such instances, we will manage the two clients separately, with different teams, so that the same people do not work with clients who are in direct competition.

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