Translation agency

Translation carried out by technical or state-authorised translators.


We translate everything from annual reports and agreements to brochures, manuals, and websites. Our client list includes large international industrial conglomerates as well as public institutions, ministries, and all of Norway’s universities.

By choosing us, you are choosing professional translators who are familiar with the industry and the source language, and who specialise in translating often complex source texts into accessible and comprehensible texts in the target language.

Language and subject specialists

In addition to being specialists educated in language, all of our translators are specialists in a number of disciplines. They translate only into their mother tongue, and all texts go through our quality assurance system. This ensures that the translated text contains the correct terminology and good language, as well as ensuring that intertextual references are retained.

We translate to and from most European languages,including Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), English, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, German, and Polish. We guarantee a quick response, high quality, and rapid delivery.

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The process

File uploading

As a client, we give you access to our customer portal where you can upload your files quickly and securely.


The translation is carried out by a professional translator whose mother tongue is the language they translate into. We use technology that manages translations for each of our clients to ensure consistency in word choice and terminology.

Quality assurance

We check the translation against the original to ensure that everything has been translated correctly and that nothing has been left out. We make a final quality check of the completed document to ensure that formatting and the like reflect the original.


You will receive an e-mail informing you that the translated documents, with the same formatting as the originals, are ready to be downloaded from the customer portal.

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